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Operation Encompass

Good Practice Reports

Good Practice Reports

We know that there is fantastic work being undertaken to support children in our schools who are  experiencing domestic abuse. The actions that schools take following an Operation Encompass notification are making a real difference to children and their families and the changes to  school culture in terms of how all children are supported is tremendous. We would very much like schools to share examples of this good practice so that other schools, teachers, children and their families can benefit. All that we ask is that you make sure the report is anonymous and that it includes the ages of the children involved, the rest is up to you. We look forward to reading and sharing your work with others. 

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To update Key Adult details in Devon and Cornwall please email us.



Teachers' Helpline

Have you received an Operation Encompass call about a child in your school, or are you concerned about a child or children in your school who are experiencing domestic abuse?

For FREE advice from an Education Psychologist about how best to support them, call the OE Teachers' National Helpline on 0204 513 9990.

Monday to Friday, 8am-1pm