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How to use the website

How to use the website

If you would like your police force to be a part of Operation Encompass, please sign up here

Once your police force has been approved, your main police force user will have access to a full management portal, allowing:


Force management

  • Edit force information
  • Set up and/or edit additional police force users

School management

  • View Operation Encompass recognised schools in your police force area
  • Edit existing schools and add new schools

Key Adult management

Safeguarding Leads can apply to be a Key Adult for a school within your police force district. The main police contact for your force will be notified by email when a Key Adult application is submitted, with details on how to view and either accept or reject the application. 

Upon accepting an application, the relevant Key Adult is required to complete our online course before they can complete their registration. Upon registration, their school will appear on our Participating Schools page and in the Key Adult search in your police management portal, enabling you to contact them regarding incidents of domestic abuse.

In addition to accepting Key Adults, you can also:

  • View all Key Adults (and their contact information) across all police force areas for contact regarding incidents of domestic abuse
  • View / add comments or information about individual Key Adults for police and Operation Encompass view only
  • Delete Key Adults or assign them to a different school or police force if they have moved

Setting up additional police force users

Main police users can also set up and manage additional police contacts here. When an additional contact is set up, an email is sent to the user, containing a link which when clicked will allow them to set up a password for their account and finalise registration. Additional contacts can access limited areas of the police management:  

  • The list of schools for the force 
  • Their own profile
  • The list of Key Adults for the force and KAs for other forces using the Key Adult search tool (they can view the KA profile and add comments against the profile, but they are unable to edit or delete the KAs).