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Police participation

Police participation

Within each police force individual responsibilities are clearly defined:

  • The Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner make the initial commitment to the Operation Encompass scheme, for which a member of the Senior Management Team takes on strategic responsibility.
  • An officer of appropriate responsibility is appointed as police lead to oversee implementation of Operation Encompass by the force, and to direct associated policies. This officer ensures effective delivery of Operation Encompass as directed by the Home Office and identifies the most effective method of communicating with schools ahead of the school day.
  • The force briefs every school's Designated Safeguarding Leads - Operation Encompass provides the appropriate teaching materials. These briefings ensure that the highly confidential information the police supply to the DSL is treated with appropriate care and sensitivity, in situations which are frequently rapidly evolving.
  • The force maintains up-to-date contact details for all DSLs trained in Operation Encompass procedures.
  • All frontline officers within the force are fully trained in Operation Encompass - its purpose, when to apply it and how to apply it correctly.
  • The force provides a letter template to schools, used to inform parents of the school's participation in the scheme.
  • The force records the number of children supported and shares this data with the Operation Encompass charity.

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