Message From The Founders

Elisabeth Carney-Hayworth

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth

Co-Creator & Founder of Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is one of the best things that has happened in terms of safeguarding in schools for a long time. It is such a simple concept but it can and does have so much impact: a phone call to school prior to 9am on the morning after a domestic incident has happened in the child’s home, brilliant simplicity. Having that knowledge allows us to put support in place for the child. But there have been unforeseen positive spinoffs; as a direct result of Operation Encompass, domestic abuse is no longer a closed subject in my school. Parents who have been involved in a domestic incident the previous evening will come in to see me, telling me that they have had an “Encompass” even when the police have not been involved. This all means that we are able to support our families even more and this has a very positive impact for the children.

The website that we have created contains support materials and anecdotal evidence of how successful Operation Encompass is, but there is still a lot more to do. We cannot rest until Operation Encompass is in place in every police force.
An ongoing theme in Serious Case Reviews is Domestic Abuse as a risk factor and the lack of information sharing between the police, social care, health professionals and others.

Operation Encompass breaks down this information sharing barrier and is early intervention at its best; quite simply it could not be any better or simpler to achieve.

In recent correspondence between Professor Gadd, Manchester University, and I he said, “Such a cleverly simple intervention that inverts the common assumption that the solution is to get information to the police, rather than get it back to those in a position to make a difference to young people’s lives. Remarkable work.”

I have contacted every Police and Crime Commissioner and every Local Safeguarding Board Chair in the country to highlight Operation Encompass.

Operation Encompass has been cited as an action for all police forces in the Home Office report “Call to End Violence against Women and Girls”.

I would ask that you please support its implementation across the country in whatever way you can because Operation Encompass is , quite simply, every child’s right.

David Carney-Hayworth

Sergeant David Carney-Haworth (Retired)

Co-Creator & Founder of Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is an initiative I created as a result of a conversation with my wife, a Head Teacher.

I launched Operation Encompass in Devonport, Plymouth in February 2011 to address an identified shortcoming in the early sharing of information with schools to enable the provision of timely care and support for the innocent and often silent victims of domestic abuse – the children.

The concept was simple but yet unthought-of:

If a domestic incident occurred on the previous evening and a child was in the house, the police would contact the nominated Key Adult at the school the child attends prior to the start of the school day. Appropriate support would then be available for that child. This support could be overt or silent dependent upon the circumstances.

Operation Encompass was trialled in fourteen schools in the Devonport area of Plymouth and one in Torpoint. Each school identified a Key Adult (usually the Head Teacher and designated Safeguarding Lead) who undertook specific and bespoke training so that there could be an appropriate response to the information being given to them through the project.

All Plymouth schools were then part of Operation Encompass as are the Early Years’ Settings. Awareness training for Key Adults was further developed and delivered together with the Plymouth’s Educational Psychologists.

Plymouth’s Educational Psychologists as to the impact of Operation Encompass undertook research. The researchers concluded ‘It is clear from this research the potential Operation Encompass has with regards to supporting those children and young people who are faced with witnessing the distressing scenes of domestic violence.’

This project is a simple yet highly effective solution to a problem that has existed for many years without even being acknowledged as an issue – that of how to support the silent victims of Domestic Abuse.