C4EO Endorsement Logo

In April 2016 Operation Encompass was fully validated by the Centre for Excellence in Outcomes for children and young people (C4EO) and classified as ‘Effective Practice’.

European Comissions Endorsements Logo

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) cites Operation Encompass. EPIC is used to collect and disseminate innovative and evidence-based practices that have a positive impact on children and families in EU Member States.

HMIC Endorsement Logo

HMIC support the implementation of Operation Encompass in every police force. (Zoe Billingham HMIC with responsibility for Domestic Abuse)
‘Operation Encompass is the best thing that the police have ever given to education’ (HMIC report ‘Increasingly Everyone’s Business’)

The Current Joint Targeted Area Inspections focusing upon the support given to children exposed to Domestic Abuse are asking whether or not the area has Operation Encompass in place

Safe Lives Endorsement Logo

Operation Encompass is referenced in the Guidance for Maracs ‘5 steps to more effectively safeguard children at Marac’.

College of Policing Endorsement Logo

Operation Encompass is cited in the ‘Major investigation and public protection’ investigative development document.

Prof Eileen Munro Endorsement Logo

Prof Eileen Munro cites Operation Encompass in her Government commissioned report ‘Munro Review of Child Protection’

Children's Commissioner Endorsement Logo

Operation Encompass is cited on the Children’s Commissioners website under the heading; ‘It’s time to recognise the effect domestic violence has on child witnesses – and to protect them from harm’


Prof David Gadd, Professor of Criminology, Manchester University said “ Such a cleverly simple intervention that inverts the common assumption that the solution is to get information to the police, rather than get it back to those in a position to make a difference to young people’s lives. Remarkable work.”

Augeo Empowers Endorsement Logo

Augeo, the influential children’s charity in The Netherlands, launched Operation Encompass in three areas of Amsterdam and created its Trauma Sensitive Schools programme, Handle with Care, around Operation Encompass.


Professor Eamon McCrory, Professor of Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology, (University College London) stated in a live broadcast with the creators of Operation Encompass that this scheme is ‘exactly what these children need’.


Dr. John Devaney , Director of Research for Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast said that ‘Sharing information between professionals whenever a child has experienced some trauma in their lives is central to ensuring that the child has both immediate and ongoing understanding and support.’

“Operation Encompass, which is a very simple idea beautifully enacted, ensures that teachers are supported to provide that emotional and physical security that children who have experienced domestic violence need.
After parents and immediate family, teachers are the main carers for most children, especially in the early years.

Both personal accounts and research have demonstrated the central role of schools and teachers in helping children through difficult times in their lives – Operation Encompass can make that possible.”